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How to Turn off Auto Updates in Windows 8.1

One thing that you can make sure to run your phone without any issues is to keep your phone updated with the latest updates and software. Not just the Windows phone but there are many other operating system that can be set for auto-updates.

And even for all the apps to behave normally, users should make sure that there is a proper and the updated version of all the apps installed in your phone.

Now coming to the Auto-update for apps and phone, the setting is quite convenient and risky at the same time. By setting your phone to Auto update, your phone will be updated automatically when there is any small or big update available for your apps or operating system.

And being that, update files are normally of large size, users will be highly charged for their update usage. Well there are options wherein you can set the updates under Wi-Fi connection.

So for all Windows users here is how you can How to turn off Auto-updates in Windows 8.1

How to turn off auto-updates in Windows 8.1

  1.  Go to your phone’s store
  2.  Tap on the three dotted line for settings from the top corner of the screen
  3.  Click on settings
  4. Go to the “Update apps automatically” tab
  5. Now click on the switch soft button next to it to close it.

So with that you will be able to turn of auto updates on your Windows phone 8.1. If you do not wish to update your phone with your existing data pack, you can go ahead and change the settings.

You can also customize your update settings by keeping it set to update over Wi-Fi. With this, your phone will be set to update only when there is an available Wi-Fi connection to update your phone

Start doing the settings and let know in your comments and if you know of any other tips and tricks for Windows 8.1.